Top 5 rarest Pit Bulls coat colorations

Top 5 rarest Pit Bulls coat colorations

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Freckled Pit Bull

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Hello you Pit Bull lovers. I will introduce you the top  5 rarest Pit Bulls coat colorations ever. Starting from the fifth one.
-Freckled Pit Bull are awesome unique colored Pit Bulls. They can vary in dramatic colors and patterns. They may get colors like  red, dark brown, light brown, blue, gray or black.
-The mustachioed Pit Bull. What we can say about this is that there is only one of them and he’s anomaly. Pit Bull Baffi was born with the mos unusual facial markings the world has ever seen.
– The Zebra Pit Bull, again it’s one kind and the only one.
-The impressionist Pit Bull is a pit mixed with a red dog Heeler and create this amazing looking pit bull breed.
-The warrior Pit Bull, Most rarest, most beautiful, coolest colors and the cutest Pit Bull ever.