Top 5 Strongest Dog Bites In The World


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1 Sony DSC

This hybrid of a gray wolf and a dog bites the force of 406 pounds.The mixture of genes makes their temperament more unpredictable than other dogs,although they can also be effectively trained.Some of them retain their wolf-like tendencies such as chewing on objects and climbing fences .

2 Rotweiler

The Mastiff has a staggering bite force of 556 pounds.This is one of the largest dog breeds,weighing between 150-160 pounds.

These dogs are naturally born dog guards,but also calm,human-loving,and well-tempered dogs.

Just be careful not to anger this gentle giant.

3 American pitbull Terrier

They can be all kind of sizes,how they interact depends on how the dog is grown up . They also treat their human families as their flock,thus protecting them with fierce loyalty and devotion.

4 Belga Malonois


They can be seen as guard dogs but they also have special ability and are used for war porpuses

5 Norman


Norman, a 55th Security Forces Squadron military working dog, waits to be unleashed and go after his target during training April 17. The Offutt K-9 unit performs regular training to maximize the dogs effectiveness in the field. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Josh Plueger)