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Remove FRP Google lock On All Android 10 Samsung Devices [No PC]

Android 10 is one the latest Android version for now and the hardest one to remove Google Lock FRP on it. in this article will show you an easy way to Bypass/Remove Google Lock FRP on every Samsung Devices Running Android 10.

This method will work on Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra also which are latest release of Samsung speaking of S-Series.

The process of getting FRP removed is easy and it doesn’t require a computer to do it. What you need to do exactly it is simple and will take less then 5 minutes.

What you need to have ready?

  1. Locked Phone
  2. WiFi Connection

What you need to download?

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  1. Remote 1 apk file
  2. Albviral FRP Tool (Android 10)

Let’s get started:

  1. To get started turn on the Samsung Locked phone and connect it to wifi.
Turn on WI-FI connection data

2. Press Volume down and power button same time in order to take screenshot.

Press Volume down and power button same time.
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3. Samsung will ask you permission for storage, click DENY. Do same thing one or two more times until you get option “DENY & DON’T ASK AGAIN”

Deny & don’t ask again

4. Find this article and download Remote 1 apk file and Albviral FRP tool. Both files are located on top of this article.

5. Install “Remote 1 apk file” but don’t open it. (Just click done.)

6. Install second application (Albviral FRP Tool) and open it.
After that click “Bypass FRP > Settings”

Inside Albviral FRP Tool

7. Now you are on Settings of your Samsung Phone.
Now you should check if any device administrator is turned on and if it is you should turn off (Disable).
– Settings > Biometrics and Security > Other Security Settings > Device Admin Apps

Both device admin apps are turned off.

8. Go Back to Settings > Apps
There you need to find “Google play services”.
Click Disable (bottom left) and Force Stop (Bottom Right)

Force stop and Disable Google Play Services

9. Go back to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Accounts > Add Account > Google (Click continue)
Here you need to sign in with your Gmail account.

10. Get back to Apps and enable Google Play Services (What we disabled in 8th step)

Enable Google Play Services.

Phone will be like a new one, no Google Lock on it, No PIN or Pattern lock and most importantly you will be able to get updates regularly from Android.

11. Hold power button and hit Restart.
After phone starts just set up phone normally and will not ask for any google account on it.

12. Once you are at home screen, make another factory reset from settings.