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Combination & Firmware for Samsung Galaxy A8+ (A730)

  This is the rom … so if you download the rom need to define the following:
    • Rom maker combination is a test machine does not have the effect of fixing the hardware, but only the test function of the operation or damage. However, Combination is capable of restoring IMEI numbers, Baseband numbers or some software errors … but not all!
+ Rom maker combination is rom test machine by the builder, this rom does not have the concept “YOU HAVE NOT TESTED!” + Rom company combination when loaded into the machine will lose all features … including call, play games, surf the web, take pictures … + Rom the combination is still limited Bootloader Security, still keep FRP, RE, EE and other security when loaded into …  


1. SAMSUNG GALAXY A8+ 2018 (SM-A730F) 2. SAMSUNG GALAXY A8+ 2018 (SM-A730X)
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