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Remove Google Samsung Galaxy A40s (SM-A3050/SM-A3051) FRP Bypass

What is Google Lock FRP – Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy A40s running Android 9?
Factory Reset Protection is the lock where Google Ask the phone user to verify the Google Account that was previously signed in the device before Factory Data Reset from Recovery Mode.

So one quick Advice from, if you want to reset your device, always reset from settings (if you have access to settings of course).

This method doesn’t require PC.

What You need to complete FRP Google Removal Process on Samsung Galaxy A40s? Only a SIM Card with PIN Lock.

If you need Help on how to setup PIN Lock on your SIM Card read our article : Click here!

Ok, once you got the sim card with PIN Lock you are good to go.

First of all you need to make sure your locked phone is connected to WI-FI. You will always need internet connection during this process.

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Below there is a video from Albviral YouTube Channel with 3 (three) methods on How to Remove Google Lock FRP from your Samsung Device.
Follow steps!

Video instruction