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Default SIM-Card PINs for different carriers

Recently we have shared a video on How to Bypass all Samsung Devices which are running in Android 9 and they support a SIM CARD.

This method will work on all Samsung Devices (At least at the moment), there is one tricky part : You should have activated SIM Card Pin Lock.

To do so, you need to keep in mind that every carrier has different default sim pin.

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Some communications service providers (CSPs) issue their SIM cards pre-configured with the same default PIN on all of their cards. This practice is by no means universal worldwide and in some countries, different default PINs are set on each SIM issued. The table below attempts to document the behaviour of each network provider.

IMPORTANT: The information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge correct. Use of this information is of course at your own risk. Remember that a SIM will become “blocked” after 3 incorrect attempts to enter the PIN (after which the PUK will need to be entered).

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Country CSP Default SIM PIN Notes
UK Vodafone 0000
UK Orange 1111
UK EE 1111
UK 3 0000
UK T-Mobile 1210
UK Virgin Mobile 7890
(online PUK retrieval)
0000, 5555 or 1234 0000 is most common
UK Tesco Mobile
(online PUK retrieval)
UK giffgaff 5555
US T-Mobile 1234
US MetroPCS 1234
US Sprint 1234
US Verizon 1111
US AT&T 1111
US Cricket 0000
US Optus 0000
US U.S Cellular 0000
US Ting 0000
US Boost Mobile xxxx Last four digits of your PUK
US Simple Mobile 1234 or 1111 1234 is most common


We will be adding more and more default SIM Card PINs based on requests.

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